Lionel Messi may have 100 objectives in UEFA club rivalries, a joint-record five Ballons d’Or and 17 objectives in 16 recreations against English groups, yet the Barcelona symbol has never scored against Chelsea.

The record is astonishing when you consider that he has figured out how to put four past Arsenal, a cap trap against Manchester City and he has scored in two unique finals versus Manchester United.

Chelsea have various protectors who have halted Messi as he enrolled 29 shots over his eight recreations against the west London club, incorporating a punishment miss in 2012 when they last confronted each other in the Champions League.


John Terry, Ashley Cole, Ricardo Carvalho, Alex, Branislav Ivanovic, Gary Cahill, Jose Bosingwa, Paulo Ferreira, William Gallas and Khalid Boulahrouz all went up against Messi and ceased him close by the other genius aggressors Barca have combined him with.

Boulahrouz confronted Messi when the Argentine was only 18 years of age and portrayed how his side figured out how to win and draw tgames against their European opponents.

“We knew Messi was an awesome player amid, after and before the diversion however our exclusive idea was to remove him and others from the amusement,” the previous protector said. “That is typical. We did in any case get a positive sentiment [that he was an uncommon player] however our activity was to stop him. We regarded every one of their advances yet we knew we could carry out our occupations against them.

“We had incredible players on the pitch who could convey. We knew each other’s qualities, that is the capacity that we had [to rival a group like Barcelona]. We regard the characteristics of the adversary however once you enter the pitch you need to think you have a shot. That was conviction, that was Chelsea.

“We had Carvalho, he was forceful and you generally believe him. On the ground he was phenomenal and he was solid in the handle. John Terry, he is a legend. Everybody recognizes what he did on the contribute however these minutes you require a skipper, he was a pioneer on and off the pitch. Everybody was tailing him.

“Ashley Cole was the best or extraordinary compared to other left backs on the planet. Assaulting astute, he was great. It was difficult to move beyond him however he helped the group in assaults. The key was to believe each other and continue talking.

“We came up against Samuel Eto’o, Ronaldinho and, obviously, Lionel Messi however we thought really that we were similarly on a par with them. I was up against Ronaldinho. At last we figured out how to keep a 1-0 against them however we safeguarded positively with no space between the lines, they couldn’t get in behind us.

“We had no questions that Messi was an extraordinary player however Ronaldinho was the person who was winning the Balon d’Or at the time. It felt like with Messi, Eto’o and Ronaldinho that they had three assailants in their prime. Messi was youthful yet at the same time playing as though he was in his prime. They all took care of the ball phenomenally, from Xavi to Iniesta.


“They were all so unsafe when they were on the ball however that group were not all that enormous. We were greater. So one thing was without a doubt, they couldn’t be perilous to us from free-kicks and corner kicks. That was one circumstance where they couldn’t score an objective. We had Didier Drogba, me, Ricardo Carvalho and John Terry and we were all extraordinary headers.

“For us, breaking down their amusement, surrendering an objective by corners or a free-kick was impossible. Their course of action was to play tiki taka. To be straightforward it is difficult, you need to continually remain centered. That was the key, remain reduced and assault together, guard together and close the space between the lines of the safeguard and midfield, else they play their diversion.

“You must be extremely smaller and win your duels. We got our objective at last and every one of our players were playing to win, similar to we generally did. We weren’t fixated on Messi and the others. We protected extremely well in that diversion.

“I don’t think Barcelona are as solid as they were at that time [in 2006]. In the event that you look at the positions, they were substantially more grounded in their individual characteristics at that point. Eto’o was mind blowing, Messi was amazing, Ronaldinho was incredible. Xavi was truly outstanding on the planet. They had an awesome goalkeeper. In the event that you contrast the group of now with that group, I think the group we confronted was significantly more grounded.”


Messi additionally confronted Boulahrouz in the 2006 World Cup and again neglected to score against his Netherlands side in a 0-0 Group C stalemate.

Boulahrouz resigned from football two years back and had just a single dynamic season at Chelsea, who he joined for £7 million and showed up. He intends to eventually backpedal into training, however is at present getting a charge out of a split far from the diversion.

The 36-year-old thinks this ebb and flow Chelsea side have just a single player that would have demonstrated fit for getting into Jose Mourinho’s of 2006. He checks himself a tremendous enthusiast of Eden Hazard however feels the present gathering do not have a similar level of administration that his had.

“Unquestionably Hazard [would get in our team],” he included. “He is truly outstanding. He is the key player and without him I think Chelsea are not as hard to play against. Obviously, they have other quality with their other forward players yet Hazard can take the ball. He makes, he scores.

“He makes alternate players more risky when he is in the group. That is a piece of what makes him an awesome player. On the off chance that you contrast Chelsea’s group now with in those days, I think it misses some personalty. You had Lampard, Terry, Drogba and these players didn’t just play well in relatively every diversion except they badger the adversary.

“We played a counter-assaulting diversion however simply their non-verbal communication and appearance on the pitch influenced groups. Terry and Lampard were such a piece of Chelsea. Lampard had been there for a long-term and Terry got through the foundation.

“They miss this sentiment the Chelsea family. They have Gary Cahill however he isn’t playing constantly. He isn’t a programmed starter. John Terry knew the way of life, changing area and how everything works at Chelsea. On the off chance that new players come in it regarded have somebody like that who makes a difference.

“When I arrived it helped me to address John Terry. He could sort everything in light of the fact that he knew everything. The principles, club culture and he made things simple. Possibly the club haven’t exactly got that any longer. It has turned out to be diverse [without him].”

Boulahrouz earned 35 tops for Netherlands and he was a well known figure at Hamburg preceding his turn to England. He was nickamed Khalid der Kannibale by the HSV fans, which at that point stuck as he wound up known “the Cannibal.”

He concedes he wasn’t the greatest aficionado of the epithet yet had no second thoughts about the style of play that earned him the moniker.

“I was agreeable [with the way I played]. The main thing I may lament isn’t being harder in the handle!” Boulahrouz proceeded.

“I think I was a pleasant person off the pitch however when you enter you need to work. It was my business to stop players scoring objectives and I needed to utilize all that I had. It isn’t care for I was a grimy player, giving elbows and stuff that way.


“I endeavored to keep strikers out of the amusement with reasonable play. I handled hard however I attempted to handle the ball. Some of the time you fail to understand the situation and hit each other however that is a piece of the amusement. We are on the whole men. You needed to demonstrate your quality. It began in Germany that I got this Cannibal name.

“I endeavored to transform it since it isn’t a decent case for children to be called Cannibal yet I think it was a direct result of the way I played. It was alright however, it is simply one more piece of the amusement.”