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Online Poker Casino

Online Poker Casino

Online Poker is like sex: everyone thinks they’re great at it, but most people aren’t. Also, it helps if you have a good hand.

We can’t help with the other thing, but if you want a quick and dirty primer on how to get your poker game out of the muck, you’ve come to the right place. This page features some general poker strategy and advice, with some simple but effective tips and tricks that are useful for both novice and not-so-novice poker players.

Beyond the basics. How to play tight

Playing tight, being aggressive and keeping a cool head make for a holy trinity of poker prowess. Now what? They say poker takes hours to learn and a lifetime to master, so you won’t be short of new techniques and tactics to add to your arsenal.

Besides knowing which hands to play and when, a myriad of strategic decisions await you. You need to learn to recognise betting patterns, discern ranges of hands, and generally make like Kenny Rogers and know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

Poker Tips and Tactics

There are three basic pillars of online poker strategy that you can apply to almost every poker game to give yourself a boost over your hapless opponents:

  • Play tight: be prepared to fold most hands and be selective with those you choose to bet.
  • Play aggressively: betting and raising is often better than checking and calling.
  • Play in position: the fewer players who act after you do, the better your advantage.

The basics of online poker

It doesn’t work if you just dive right in when you fancy a bit of slap and tickle; the same applies to online poker. You need to know the basics of how to play online poker before you can devise a poker strategy. Here’s a quick overview plus some links to pages that’ll help you get going.

  • Hand Rankings – How many digits on a human hand? By a crazy coincidence there are also 5 cards in a poker hand. Get more pearls of wisdom like that over on our Hand Rankings page.
  • Poker Rules – We don’t like it, but we all need rules and poker would definitely be a pretty rubbish game without them. Read up on Poker Rules here.
  • Poker Games – If you think poker is just plain old poker, you need to look at our Poker Games page to get clued in on how to play poker variants.

Results aren’t all that

The frustrating, beautiful, maddening thing about online poker is that you can play absolutely terribly and still win. Or you can put on a total masterclass and still lose. Luck is a fickle mistress like that.

That means that it’s really important to try and separate your results from your play – sure, you raked in a boatload of cash, but did you get it by being an absolute moron and being saved by the river? Win or lose, you should focus on making the best decisions and know that the money will come your way in time.

Online Poker Casino





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Jackpot Slots – Slot Machines

Jackpot Slots – Slot Machines

Multi-Slots and Video Poker Games App

Jackpot Slots – Slot machines

Jackpot Slots Slot Machines Game Features

It is important for players to understand that jackpot slot games are simply games of probability. This free-to-download app presents a series of simulated bet-free jackpot slots slot machine.

Inside this Jackpot Slots or Slot Machines app, a single game is accessible for instant play, the Mayan Fortune game. A starts by receiving computer-generated coins and places stakes on every reel spin. Clicking the Question symbol will show game rules as well as a summary of winning sequence of icons.

The player is able to choose the number of lines to gamble on (originally up to nine) plus the magnitude of the stake (originally up to ten). Once the player hits the “Spin” key, the icons rotate around, just like actual Poker machine.

In addition to Jackpot Slots or slot machines, this app also furnishes video poker games where the prizes at stake are just as huge as the jackpot slots.

Jackpot Slots – Slot Machines

About Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots or slot machines are linked to a network of other machines that pool a portion of the bets into a single pot known as the Progressive Jackpot. This is common in both land-based as well as online casinos. Every time a user makes a bet on the jackpot slot, a part of their wager automatically goes to the networked prize pool. The pooled money progresses into becoming a massive jackpot that can be won by a single slot player, coming from any casino that operates any of the linked progressive jackpot slots or slot machines.

Think about 10 jackpot slots or even 100 jackpot slots slot machines linked to a single network system. In the case of the online casinos, millions of slot players worldwide play with the linked progressive online slot games. A player quickly grasps the idea of the way the wins accumulate to million dollar amounts. These games frequently comprise of jackpots bigger than nationwide lotteries and a player can rotate the reels 10 times within the duration taken to purchase a lottery coupon. Therefore the apparent charm is the huge jackpots, although deeper yet is that intuitive betting desire for huge payouts.

Jackpot Slots – Slot Machines
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What More Can We Do For You

You’re guaranteed with good and reliable service as well as a secured agent, so what could we do more for you. It isn’t definite but we can throw in some loyalty rewards later on when you keep using our services. It is a simple way to thank the people that have supported us over the years. We could also offer some mild rewards in the financial aspect. More offers can happen from time to time so you’ll continue to deal with us and our services.

Try us for betting in IBCbet/Maxbet, so that you can start your online betting activities. Remember we guarantee the best services, secured transactions, and promising results as well as some rewards later on.


We, as an approved IBCbet/ Maxbet Agent, is one of the most trustworthy and secure places that you can rely your money on. We don’t just say that, because we feel like it but we say it due to the number of people that we’ve catered to over the years so you don’t just take our word for it.

Why Choose Us

A lot of people will wonder why you should choose us and the answer is we guarantee you that best results. That’s right we not only the go to sites that are the best to go to but sites that are suitable. We’re like on auto-pilot and you don’t even have to worry about checking up on us from time to time. We give you the results when you need them and however, you need them. We won’t just bet your money randomly as we always ensure that it has some good results.

Research is a part of our game

We’ve stated that earlier since it is our duty to do so. You as a client wouldn’t want to spend hours and hours researching these different betting sites. That’s why we’re here to do the job for you. We don’t only research sites that cater to the local area but those of the international variety. Keep in mind that the internet is a worldwide thing so it helps that we can recommend and use those sites as well as long as they are reliable.

Your security with us

Speaking of security, we only choose sites that aren’t the best but those that are secured as well. Just because one site is offering the promise of more money and stability doesn’t mean that we use it right away. We do our research and stick to the task at hand.

Your money is safe with us as well as we won’t ever dream of scamming and stealing from our clients. We wouldn’t want to waste years of having a good reputation for a couple of quick and sneaky transactions which is why you’re guaranteed when you use IBCbet/Maxbet Agent.



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Most Popular Types Of Soccer Betting

Soccer is one of the most popular sports that’s loved and enjoyed by many fans. A lot of people go crazy about soccer and even take part in the sports betting. Soccer fanatics from all over the world, including Singapore, are into soccer betting. There are many websites that offer a betting platform for soccer and among these are IBCBET, SBOBET, MAXBET, WINNINGFT.

Below, we have listed some of the most popular types of sports soccer betting that you can take part of.

Total Goal

Game totals betting is a type of soccer betting game where you will wager on the number of goals scored in a particular game.

The Mix Parlays refers to betting for a combination of 2 selections that are placed as 1wager. If the entire selections win, the Parlay will win and is paid the combined odds of all 3 selections. If one or more selections don’t win, the Parlay will lose. Moreover, if one or more selections will be postponed, the odds for such selection are reverted to 1.00 odds.

The Outright Football Markets are known for offering bets that are generally settled only after the end of a cup competition, tournaments or football season.

When it comes to Singapore sports betting, the Singapore Pools is among the best platforms to use. It’salso the only legal betting company in Singapore, but SGWINNINGFT odds are way better than theirs.

Asian Handicaps

The Asian handicap betting is a type of betting in football where the teams are handicapped in accordance with their form. Thus, a h2er team must win by getting more goals for a punter that’s betting for them to win.

 Soccer Betting Singapore

Over & Under

The over-under betting, also known as O/U bet is a wager where a sportsbook is capable of predicting a number for a statistic in a particular game. This usually consists of a combined score of two teams. In this type of Singapore sports betting, the bettor will wager that the exact number in a game is either lower or higher than his number.

Odd & Even

The Odd and Even bets are based on the number of goals or points that are scored in a given match, whether it is a game, half game, or a set or series of matches that result in either an odd or even number.

Under Odd and Even betting, the 1×2 refers to the act of betting for any of the three possible outcomes of a soccer event. 1 basically refers to the team that is named as the first. This team is usually the home team. On the other hand, X is the game that results in a draw or tie, while 2 refers to the second team, which is the away team.

The Correct Score is one of the most popular bets in soccer. Yet, it is often the hardest to predict and the final score is usually forecasted only after the full-time game ends.

 Soccer Betting Singapore

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Live Betting Odds

Live Betting Odds Bets in play have several specific rules that allow you to try different special bets. Watch the sporting events take place before your eyes in real time and punt on the opposite result once you decide to bank your previously placed bet. You can also place a wager on specific sections of a match, if you think one of the teams will score in 15′ slots. Of course you can take a punt on the outright winner of a match or race, but why not prove your expertise by betting on the total number of goals scored or the next player to score? You’re covinced your team will win the first half of a football match, or the second quarter in a basketball game? Or maybe you prefer to bet on match events? You have a feeling how many cards will be given or corners kicked during the game? bwin in play betting allows you to place your bets nearly anytime during a match according to the course of the game!

Live Sports Video

bwin doesn’t just offer you live betting: you can also enjoy the match live and for free. Look at the top right box on this page, click on ‘live streams’ and let your sports expertise guide you to your next live bet. Will the trailing team make a come-back? Will the leading tennis player lose his poise? Watch the match and bet in play on bwin.

Live Sports Betting

No one can stay immune to the thrills, rewards and satisfaction that live betting brings with it. One is driven to the edge when a thrilling sports action unfolds, all the while anticipating its final outcome, which will determine how much he/she wins or loses. As he finds himself totally engrossed in the game like never before, watching sports takes a new definition altogether. If you are given in to live sports betting, is here to exceed your expectations. We invite you to place in play wagers on your favourite sport and see how we take the betting experience to yet another level. We have been impressing betting enthusiasts globally for the past several years, now it’s time for India to gain from our customer-savvy ways.

Bet live on almost every sport

With, you can bet live virtually on every sport played across the globe. Your options may include Cricket, Football, Tennis, Basketball, and American football, Badminton, Baseball, Boxing, Cycling, Gaelic Football, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, Snooker & Pool, Table Tennis, Motor Racing and Netball, Rugby League, Surfing, Volleyball, Darts, Bowls, Winter sports and so on. We have a reputation for innovation and creativity. We are consistently brainstorming more ways to help you win big and take you closer to the sport that has given you a high all your growing years. As such, our live bet types are not only extensive but exclusive as well. You will surely have a hard time finding such bet types elsewhere.

Betting odds

Odds have always defined the betting strategies of punters. You have to be impeccable in determining the odds at which a wager is placed to rake in more money. Even a negligible difference in odds can mean leaving a lot of money on the table. Reiterating our commitment to your success, is offering the best live betting odds that add to your gains significantly. Contrary to the convention, we keep our margins low. So, our odds reflect true probability and deliver better rewards for each winning in play wager. Though the house always wins, we ensure that your winnings are maximized as well.

With, rewards also come in the form of promotions, special offers and extra bonuses. Whenever you bet live with us, these money-saving perks will come handy in restricting your investment. What more, they are easily and promptly redeemable. We also keep you in the groove with dedicated account managers accessible round the clock, multiple payment methods and convenient transaction process. Putting it simply, you cannot go wrong with

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Sgwinningft is one of the most renowned names in the online betting industry of Singapore. We invite online betting professionals to have an enjoyable experience of gambling with best odds and sky high limits. Since Sgwinningft is one of the most popular bookmakers, we give our members with the best options when it comes to live games, casinos and a variety of other games as well as matches.

Sgwinningft has a Maxbet Agent Account in Singapore and offers all the popular games to its players for instance baseball, soccer, football, hockey and tennis among many others. Further, we offer you Maxbet Betting Guide Singapore that can be of great help in placing safe bets by players. Since we specialize in online Maxbet Singapore , we also provide live casino and online poker games too for your benefit.

We are Maxbet Agent in Singapore  and we provide live streaming of games that registered members can avail. It’s our motto to provide you the best live casino experience over the web. Further, we offer maximum enjoyment along with quality and assured customer service. We always want our players to have a true casino experience without leaving their homes and hence we provide the best atmosphere for live gaming.

Maxbet has its basis on the philosophy of brand building, online marketing and varied product ranges of great quality and excellent pricing, wonderful returns and consistent and efficient customer service. MaxBet uses 128-bit encryption to ensure accomplished security and confidentiality of their customers’ personal data.

Maxbet gives utmost priority to customer satisfaction above everything else as we strive to build a faithful relationship with every member. We have an experienced team that has background and full working knowledge.

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Soccer Betting


Why no comments on the Football Betting Tips?

Due to the nature of how we select the tips using our unique football ratings, the comments would almost certainly be very similar for each match. Just remember that a football tipster can babble on for hours about why and how they’re going to win, but often they’re wrong yet get lucky with the result. You will find more detailed football tips on our forum which has over 100,000 tipsters.

What time do you upload Football Tips?

If there are any football tips, they will be updated on this page at latest 10pm

How do you select your Free Football Tips?

Our ELO Football Ratings are a big part of how we select teams, and they are unique to Punters Lounge to the envy of many websites who have failed to replicate them. They are unique in that they identify teams that have perhaps not got the results they deserve, yet are still playing well and well worth following and usually at bigger odds than they should be!

Which leagues do you advise football predictions on?

You’ll have already seen that many football tipster websites are picking bets and accumulators in obscure football leagues that they can’t possibly know anything about! We stick to what we know, and here are links to some of them below with our expert football tipsters.

  • Premier League Tips
  • English Championship Tips
  • Non League Tips
  • Champions League Tips
  • Europa League Tips
  • La Liga Tips
  • Italy Serie A Tips
  • Bundesliga Tips
  • French Ligue 1 Tips
  • MLS Tips
  • Brazilian Serie A Tips

Soccer betting

Are you the Best Football Tips website?

There are many excellent football tipster websites to choose from, but only the football punters themselves can decide that We are the envy of many football tipsters and tipping websites because of our unique ELO Football Ratings, which make picking the best football tips far far easier.

How much do the Football Tips cost?

Punters Lounge is a FREE Sports Betting Community and does not charge and never will charge for anything on its website, forever Since 1999, we’ve been providing free football betting tips from our expert football tipsters and that will continue while there is oxygen in the air!


How can I contact you about the Football Tips?

We recommend to register and post on our football tips forum and give us your feedback or queries there. Over 100,000 tipsters make this an essential place you should be visiting every day!

Soccer betting

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Trusted Betting Agent


1. Trusted websites

Reading website reviews ensures that bookmakers play by the rules, pay out winners and are fair and friendly with their customer service. If they do not, punters may be forced to contact management officials to outline the problems and apply pressure to have the situation resolved.

Doing your own research is the hardest way to choose a sports betting site. It’s time consuming, and you may find it difficult to get all the information you need. Nonetheless, it’s an approach that you should consider. Just make sure you do it correctly.

Nobody wants a bad experience with any company they do business with, and online betting sites are no different. That’s why punters need to do their homework in advance and find out as much about them as possible. You should ask yourself at least these questions 

  • 1. What deposit options are available?
  • 2. Does the bookmaker offer bonuses for an initial deposit and/or to re-deposit funds into an account?
  • 3. How difficult is it to withdraw money from the account?
  • 4. How many different betting options are offered on the sports gambling site? (For example do they offer in-play betting?)

These are all important questions that need to be answered by the punter before deciding to make a deposit.

2. Read online reviews

Another way to choose where to bet is to read third party reviews online and talk to fellow punters. Online bookmakers with positive reviews on multiples sources, feedback and comments from current customers and your own additional research will help you choose trusted brand.

Each review should contain information including deposit options available, bonuses on offer, sports covered, and various betting options. Thus providing a real insight into what it is like to use the site – ultimately this is what really matters.

Trusted Betting Agent


3. Website promotions and offers

There are a number of factors that punters need to take into account when choosing a top online bookmaker. Bonuses, free bets and concessions should be at the forefront of punters minds, and they significantly vary by bookmaker. Acquiring bonuses can provide a powerful boost to punters winnings, especially when it comes to those betting for the first time.

Bookmakers are battling with their competitors to offer potential new customers a reason to choose their company over another, so there’s plenty of a choice available before you decide to sign up.

4. Competitive odds and payment options

Most bookmakers are expanding the number of payment methods they offer to clients – however there are huge differences between them. The major European firms have debit/credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, cheques and much more.

Customers in some countries, where there are restrictions may be limited to only using e-wallets (providing a degree of anonymity), and that will dictate which bookmakers they can use.

Obviously, the competitiveness of odds is vital when choosing a bookmaker. Punters want to find the best possible value in their selections. Therefore, having an account with a bookmaker who works to small margins is important. However, more importantly the bookmaker must be willing to lay a decent bet at the odds advertised. There are some bookmakers out there who offer fantastic odds, but when customers try to place a bet on those odds, they are unable to receive the advertised rate. Ensure the bookmaker you choose does not do this by placing a small bet first.

Trusted Betting Agent

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Mourinho Sacked

Manchester United have sacked manager Jose Mourinho after identifying a catalogue of his failings at the club.

The Portuguese, 55, took over in May 2016 and led United to League Cup and Europa League titles, but they are 19 points behind league leaders Liverpool.

The club have made a change after no progress with results or style despite spending nearly £400m on 11 players.

They also say the new manager will understand the philosophy of the club, including their attacking traditions.

It is understood players and staff are not happy after a disappointing and unsettling period during which young players were not developed.

United are sixth in the Premier League, but closer to the relegation zone than leaders Liverpool, who beat them 3-1 on Sunday.

The decision to sack Mourinho, which will cost more than £18m, has been taken in the long-term interests of United with a regard that the club is bigger than any one individual.

Mourinho is understood to have wanted his own structure, but the new manager will be appointed with a head of football above him reporting to executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.

Solskjaer is understood to be in discussions with the club regarding the temporary position, with United’s intention being that a permanent manager take over next summer.

The former United striker is in charge of Molde but because Norway’s domestic season finished in November he may be free to retain that role and take the post at United, though what would occur when Molde start their new campaign in March is unclear. Solskjaer had an unsuccessful Premier League stint with Cardiff in 2014.

Mourinho’s sacking, conducted face-to-face at Carrington on Tuesday morning by Ed Woodward, the executive vice-chairman, followed Sunday’s defeat at Liverpool and ended a tenure that began in May 2016. United finally lost patience with a manager who was not adhering to the club’s core attacking values and who had overseen their worst start to a campaign for 28 years.

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