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1. Trusted websites

Reading website reviews ensures that bookmakers play by the rules, pay out winners and are fair and friendly with their customer service. If they do not, punters may be forced to contact management officials to outline the problems and apply pressure to have the situation resolved.

Doing your own research is the hardest way to choose a sports betting site. It’s time consuming, and you may find it difficult to get all the information you need. Nonetheless, it’s an approach that you should consider. Just make sure you do it correctly.

Nobody wants a bad experience with any company they do business with, and online betting sites are no different. That’s why punters need to do their homework in advance and find out as much about them as possible. You should ask yourself at least these questions

  • 1. What deposit options are available?
  • 2. Does the bookmaker offer bonuses for an initial deposit and/or to re-deposit funds into an account?
  • 3. How difficult is it to withdraw money from the account?
  • 4. How many different betting options are offered on the sports gambling site? (For example do they offer in-play betting?)

These are all important questions that need to be answered by the punter before deciding to make a deposit.

2. Read online reviews

Another way to choose where to bet is to read third party reviews online and talk to fellow punters. Online bookmakers with positive reviews on multiples sources, feedback and comments from current customers and your own additional research will help you choose trusted brand.

Each review should contain information including deposit options available, bonuses on offer, sports covered, and various betting options. Thus providing a real insight into what it is like to use the site – ultimately this is what really matters.

Trusted Betting Agent


3. Website promotions and offers

There are a number of factors that punters need to take into account when choosing a top online bookmaker. Bonuses, free bets and concessions should be at the forefront of punters minds, and they significantly vary by bookmaker. Acquiring bonuses can provide a powerful boost to punters winnings, especially when it comes to those betting for the first time.

Bookmakers are battling with their competitors to offer potential new customers a reason to choose their company over another, so there’s plenty of a choice available before you decide to sign up.

4. Competitive odds and payment options

Most bookmakers are expanding the number of payment methods they offer to clients – however there are huge differences between them. The major European firms have debit/credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, cheques and much more.

Customers in some countries, where there are restrictions may be limited to only using e-wallets (providing a degree of anonymity), and that will dictate which bookmakers they can use.

Obviously, the competitiveness of odds is vital when choosing a bookmaker. Punters want to find the best possible value in their selections. Therefore, having an account with a bookmaker who works to small margins is important. However, more importantly the bookmaker must be willing to lay a decent bet at the odds advertised. There are some bookmakers out there who offer fantastic odds, but when customers try to place a bet on those odds, they are unable to receive the advertised rate. Ensure the bookmaker you choose does not do this by placing a small bet first.

Trusted Betting Agent